DJ Scott B is a DJ currently located in the Central Maine area.  He originally grew up there; however he lived in Raleigh and surrounding areas for 19 years, as he went to college down there at Campbell University in Buies Creek and stayed in North Carolina.  He has been playing at Live Venues and Mobile events since 2007.  He taught himself how to beatmix with coaching from several local DJs.  He would make a mix CD and give it to some local DJs he had built friendships with and they would give him input on where he was going wrong.  His first gig was filling in for DJ K-Boom at what was Gwendolyn’s.  Scott had met DJ K-Boom through DJ Inferno that played at what was Club Black Tie, as he used to hang out there a lot.  Scott filled in at a number of spots, and had some of his own nights for a period of time in Raleigh.  As time went on, he learned how to do mobile events from doing a handful of them with DJ K-Boom.  Since he has been back in Maine, he has played and plays at a number of spots in the Central Maine, Downeast Maine, and even plays at a spot just over the Maine / New Hampshire Border in North Conway New Hampshire.  Scott became part of All Eyes On Me DJs, as he knows DJ K-Boom, and K-Boom had talked about his plan of forming a team of DJs.  To hear some of the mixes that Scott has made, check out his Mixcloud at