Ryan Charles aka Silent Professor grew up in Maryland as an only child. Traveling to New York, different parts of Barbados, and Trinidad, I spent a lot of time with adults, parents, and grandparents. The passion for music came from listening to several DJ’s growing up in the club, house, and hip-hop scene’s. Also playing piano for several years allowed me to develop my craft. During the high school years, friends pushed to join the dj crew hauling crates, equipment, and yes even doing security (just one time I promise).

The love of music disappeared quickly as it started, but soon resurfaced after my 20’s with collecting music, building pc’s, and still being a musician for a local church. The push for music also came from my mother who always made sure there was every opportunity to be the best at what I did. College also shaped me to be a better IT professional and provided opportunities greater than I could have imagined.

I started back up dj’ing a few years ago after wanting an outlet for my creativity other than graphic design and pc building. Never being a talker, during the years through several different instances Ive always been called a professor (teaching or educating) in some aspect and hence the name was born… Silent Professor.

I am Father, Husband, and Creative Mind. Family most of all is important to me and without them I would be nothing. No matter where you go, and what you do, keep God first.

Currently, I am on the executive team at Awesome God Radio, as head of the Information Technology department, music programming, and A&R. On The Word Saves Souls Radio, I provide the Spiritual Nourishment Mix for Sheryl Underwood’s weekly broadcast. Last, but certainly not least, an active member of the All Eyes on Me Dj’s and have a radio show on oak935 on Fridays called the Soca Seduction. Want to know more about this silent giant, I invite you to come take a ride with me on this therapy I call music.