Secretary & Founder (Vice-President of Administration)


Arnetta Brown is a native of Camden and Pennsauken, NJ, currently living in Raleigh, NC.  As a baby, her Great-Grandmother named her Butter, as she knew this baby was going to be “smooth like Butta”. 

Raised by a supportive family who was musically inclined and loved to party.  From the family choir to the family barbeques, Butta was always surrounded by good music from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s.  

One of Butta’s best childhood memories was watching her mother (DJ Buttons or Maggie Scratch) hustle as a DJ in the early 80’s.  She was known to host the dopest house parties and “pay the rent parties” in North Camden, NJ, and played at local clubs. Butta was mesmerized with the music as she would love going to, Broadway Eddies with her mother to select the hottest new records, helping load crates of records and equipment in the car, and testing the sound. Subconsciously, Butta was being groomed to be a dope DJ.

Through the middle, high school, and college, Butta was always known to have all the hottest tapes and CDs.  Her love for music was known by everyone and was always the “go-to girl” for the music and sound to keep everyone hype. 

As a music junkie, Butta never pursued the hustle until she purchased her son an ION digital DJ station for Christmas.  As many kids show interest in new hobbies, the equipment just sat and collected dust.  It was not until Butta used the equipment and gave her husband an old-school house party and surprisingly, one of the guests asked, “how much do you charge to DJ”? Butta has always been obsessed with playing music but only recently took the terrifying exciting leap to turn her longtime passion into the ultimate hustle.  That is when DJ Butta was born.  

Since the creation, Butta has rocked weddings, cooperate events, community events, Wake Public Schools parties, local bars, 2019 NC DJ for the Paint N’ Sip Parties with Justin Q Young, and DJ for the NC Black Voters Matter. 

Butta has also believed in giving back to the community and shares her passion for music by donating time to local nonprofits such as the NC Drug and alcohol coalition, Community Empowerment Fund (Durham, NC), and the NC local chapter of NAACP.

The next chapter of being a Founding member of All Eyes on Me DJ’s have taken Butta to the next level.  As the only female DJ in the crew, Butta must work twice as hard and represent the ladies.  Butta has a weekly show, The First Ladies Mix Show every Friday night from 9 pm – 11 pm on Raleigh Oak 93.5.  Being part of a DJ crew has helped motivate her to bigger and better, and her motto is, “A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms.”

Butta’s is known for her diversified blends from the Motown sound, disco, house, and of course her first love – Hip Hop and R&B, she is undeniably known to rock any party and move the crowd,

Butta wants to take the world by storm and will do it with one Butta Blend at a time. 

“Music is the universal language…It brings people closer together”, Ella Fitzgerald.