DJ K Boom


Born in Pennsylvania, relocated to Raleigh, NC 1979, I was always into the music industry from a young age. Family members, was a dj up in Philly and Camden NJ. I was exposed to different music genres, At the age of 9, I was dreaming of being in the DJ world. While living in North Carolina in the 80s, I was very unhappy, because the music at the time was different. My dad sent me to the Bronx, NY every summer to stay with my cousin high, that’s where I first seeing Djs in the park. I was blown away with big massive equipment and DJing, in 1986, I relocated to Boston, mass where my half brother was a DJ. About 3 years later I moved back to Raleigh, NC, That’s where I’ve started DJing in the club at the age of 20, At that the club was owned by Legendary Pete DJ Jones, at that time I didn’t know we were a famous DJ in the Bronx, NY. I’ve learned a lot from. Pete dj Jones about DJing, equipment and to be an open-minded person to always willing to learn. He knows I had skills, but lack of knowledge about the music. He had lots crates of music at the club, breaks house, classics. I’ve also met another legendary DJ from Raleigh, NC named Dj jamming James wilder. He got me started as a mobile DJ, how to build my own experience with equipment and customers. I always lived in the projects from Chester pa to Raleigh, NC. There was lots of Djs that had equipment, and always through block parties. I decided to work and save to buy my own equipment, once I buy my first set of equipment, I began as a mobile DJ, from neighborhood to school dance, weddings, family reunions, corporate events, community events, it was non stop! After relocating to Boston for the second time, my dream was to dj everywhere I’ve moved to. From Boston, MA, I moved to Allentown pa, in the year 2000 that’s where I step into lots of great opportunities with clubs, and mobile Djs. I felt almost complete. I decided to move back to Raleigh, NC to do bigger and my own thing. Since I’ve moved back in 2010, it’s been none stop. And my dream to create and family type organization , today it’s happening (ALL EYES ON ME DJS), Also I’m on the radio my second passion to have my own show, THE BOOM BOX MIX SHOW, Radio giving me a chance to play the music that I discovered through my DJ Journey. Jazz and funk were in my household growing up. I’m glad I can share my memory every Saturday. At one point in time, I was planning to give it all up, but I meet another DJ, he stated, that I pass my experience to others trying to get into the dj industry. So here I am at the age of 53 still going strong since 1977, my first official gig was a house party in, 1980 and making plan with ALL EYES ON ME DJS.

I always like to satisfy every customer by playing clean music, be punctual for every event, that’s most important to me.